Monday, May 30, 2011

And magazine is out

The AIT annual magazine, Srijna is finally out under the secretaries Parina Magu (TE Comp) and Ishan Dutt (TE Comp). Compliments are from all people that it is much better than the last year's (last year mili kis ko thi?) and the second time in AIT's history, an all color magazine, and that too for everyone.

Compared to last year (the only color magazine we can compare with), our critics say that this magazine has better color management. The ambigram of the word Srijna has been embossed on the cover page. And, this time, it is all BE Edition (earlier, only BEs used to have BE edition of magazine). Magazine has everything this time. Original hand made caricatures (except the one on page 110), image of boys coming out of GH (page 67), good quality paper (at least you would like to devote some time to the content), and yes, the beautiful photos (c'mon boys).

But as no one is perfect, magazine is full of errors. Few of the examples of these errors are as below.
1) Spellings: Contents page -> reports section -> point 57 -> IIM Indire (Indore?)
2) Logical: Page 36 (Hindi isn't our national language) -> Para 1 -> last line -> National Anthem does not constitutes the word 'Hind' or 'Hindi' anywhere. Neither it is written in Hindi. (Sorry Hazari)
3) Author's name: Page 23 -> चाँद में दाग -> The author Aakash is an hypothetical one (Hindi editors say, the poet himself wanted to be anonymous)
4) Blunders: List of branch toppers (Glitterati) -> EnTC Toppers -> FE Topper -> The Jitender who topped is not shown. The shown one is some other Jitender.

And many more similar stories.. But yeah, indeed this magazine is better than last year's.


  1. not bad... minus the errors and the fact that nobody bothered to photoshop the missing BEs into the BE photoshoot pics... hard work reflects on every page!!