Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Editorial board changed

According to the policies of ANG, only TEs are to handle the blog as administrator, and as the session 2010-2011 comes to an end, the AIT News Group made changes in the editorial board last night. After the News Group underwent a series of interviews and selection process for new editors, following changes were made:

1) Members in: One new member was added to the group. Nirmal Chhetri (SE Comp) will be continuing as the new ANG secretary (English section) in action from June 1, 2011. He was given the administrator authority along with all the passwords and other formal details last night at about 2330 hrs.

2) Members out: Two members were given a formal farewell from the group on account of becoming BE. They are Nitin Grewal (TE Comp) and Sachin Saraswat (TE Comp). They will be contributing toward the blog till May 31, 2011 2400 hrs.

3) No Change: Vinit Sharma (TE Comp) will continue to be the member of the blog's editorial board. He will be acting as incharge for the Hindi section of the same.

Now, the board will shortly call for the applications for contributors of this blog (for upcoming FEs and SEs) for junior posts, dates for those applications are not yet decided.

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