About this blog

The blog provides important and/or crispy news happening in the college campus of the Army Institute of Technology, Pune. It is however not an official blog, and in no case is under the administration. Under no circumstances, it can be treated as official. The news provided are only based on some sources which may or may not be 100% accurate. But as far as possible, we believe, it will be an authenticatd news, to the best of our knowledge and belief.

If you find anything objectionable or in case of any discrepancies in any of the post, kindly mail us at aitpunenews@gmail.com. Kindly do NOT involve the administration in this regard, as this blog is just a casual students' blog. Feel free to contact us. Your views will also be considered even if it is posted as just a comment under any of the post. We will consider your precious feedback. You may also E-mail us the latest and/or crispy news about what is happening in AIT, if we missed something, at aitpunenews@gmail.com.

We believe, this blog will be an assistance for the alumni of the college. It will keep them aware of the happenings inside the campus after they have left this beautiful breeding ground of their carrier. They must be missing this heaven where they lived their crucial 4 years of life. Hence, they might also be enthusiastic to know what's going on behind and how well managed are the activities by their juniors, which they started in their times. How much developments have undergone after they have become ALUMNI.

This blog will also be a mirror for other external viewers around the globe to know what the life in AIT means, and make them believe that it's truly a heaven with lots and lots of technically capable students.