Friday, June 10, 2011

My Cube in AITians

The very popular 'virtual money' making website (and eventually convert it into real money) is getting popular in AITians. You simply need to register in the website and share your own creation (drawings, paintings, poems etc) for selling and buy others similar intellectual property. It will be in the forms of cubes. To check the site, click here.

  • MyCube is a "social exchange", a place where you can exchange information, ideas and content with others yet retain full ownership of what you share, control who you share it with, and determine your own terms of exchange.
  • MyCube uses its own virtual currency: "Cubes". These can be used to purchase and sell content. Cubes are tied to the Singapore dollar (S$), with a value of 100 cubes to S$1.

As the site is in beta version, you need an activation code to register (and earn money). For your help, we are providing an activation code.
This will enable for you also to register the same and propagate your own creations online and that too worth money. In addition to this, if selected, you may even get a training given by the company out of the nation. Enjoy the cubes.

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