Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Morning Bath

It’s winter time…with mornings the coldest, so the thought of taking a bath itself gives chills to many...plus the unavailability of hot water makes it much worse…but WHY is there this problem ? as water Solar heaters ARE installed on the every roof the reason is this… 

2mm thick dust layer on solar panel heaters
Who will clean it??


  1. that's true but if u r that much concerned then u can urself clean it as u live on third floor, aren't u?...can't u? jokes apart yaa u need lots of strength to bathe early morning in ait....

  2. true...early morning bath are tough and i do live on 3rd floor, but this is the case with every roof top of both the hostel, and the propose of this post is every one will know about the problem, and can complain about it to the warden or hostel in-charge,who will appoint someone to clean it...